Monday, August 15, 2011

It's Good News

Well, I have been weighing in every day. It's been helpful in keeping from the "binging tunnel vision" I get. You know, when the only thing I can see is chocolate and all I can think about is how chocolate tastes good. When I can remember how it feels to wake up after a binge and realize that I am not going to make my goals again, I can stay out of "binge mode".

So, I weighed myself and I have lost three pounds. Good for me! However, it is a small potential trap because it triggers the pre-binge thoughts, "Hey, I am AHEAD of my weight loss goal. It's easy to lose weight. Let's eat!"

Again, a deconstruction:

"It's easy to lose weight. Why don't I eat and lose the weight I gain?"

If it is so easy, why is the baby almost three and you still have thirty pounds to lose?

"I deserve a treat! Everyone else gets a treat!"

Is that why obesity is a major health problem in Canada?

"I can handle just a little"

Right now it may feel like you can, but that ALWAYS snowballs into a binge. You may get sleepy tomorrow afternoon, and then - BAM! Your willpower and focus disapears and you binge.

Do you want to write out your weight loss goals AGAIN?

155 pounds by December 25.

A slim, sexy Christmas.

Feeling thin and sexy in the Fall.

Looking good at the baby's third birthday party.

161 by September 1st

158 by October 1st

155 by December 25th

I can do it!!

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