Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Feeling Scared

Well, things have improved. I feel more focused and happy. I realized that I love lifting weights, really love it. I cannot look for a quick fix anymore. I have to Eat Clean, lift and run. I want to be a personal trainer as well. I really want to help people as they get older and show them that they can still take care of themselves. I love the idea of being fit and healthy and vital as I get older. It would make up for having a sluggish, depressed teen life.

I am scared of binging today. I got up at four o'clock after a terrible night's sleep. Three o'clock in the afternoon is my bad time. I am scared of falling half-asleep, waking up and then binging because I can't remember why not.

Here is my plan:
Eat a high protein, high-fibre snack in the afternoon to make sure that my blood sugar does not drop.
Take it easy on myself today.
Make certain that I am out of the house with the kid in the afternoon.

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